Useful genealogy sources:

O’Gara surname specific

RootsWeb Discussion List
Subscribe for regular updates of simply search the archives.

O’Gara Message Board: Ancestry.Com
Similar to Rootsweb, more advanced information requires fee.

O’Gara DNA Project
Ongoing DNA project tracing various roots of the O’Gara clan (fee required).

O’Gara GenForum
Forum for research & sharing O’Gara genealogy information.

O’Gara Graves
Where they are now may help you find out where they’ve been!

General Information Sources

National Archives of Ireland
1901 and 1911 Census records online.

Irish Genealogy
Irish Government site indexing church records, a few O’Garas listed.

Family Search
Excellent site for starting your search.

Cindi’s List
Another excellent site

US Citizenship and Immigration Services -Genealogy
USCIS offers name search and copying services (nominal fee).

London based free genealogy service for the UK and Ireland

National Library of Australia eResources
Australian database access for Australian residents with a library card.

St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day around the world, plus information on Irish culture and more!















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  1. Whit Roberts (through Sarah Elizabeth O'Geary) says:

    What has happened to the link to the Luigni, “god of our ancestors”, and other interesting genealogies of our family?

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