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  1. Robert V. Pitt says:

    Great website. My mothers maiden name is Florence Pearl O’Gara. Her father, Maurice O’Gara. I like St Patrick’s baptism! Keep up the good work! Bob Pitt

  2. Kevin P. Long BMCS(sw) USN ret says:

    My Mother was name Mary Tobin Guiry Long I am from Albany NY but live near Seattle Washington My GrandFather was Patrick Guiry and my GrandMother was Mary Flynn Guiry,My Greatgrand Father Flynn was protestant and His Wife was Catholic which was a NoNo in 1910 so when My GreatGrand Mother died Her family put My GrandMother in a covent so She wouldn’t become a protestant She worked for a Jewest Lady Mrs Tobin My GrandMother loved that Lady and not day go by if She didn’t said nothing nice about Mrs Tobin

  3. Alissa says:

    This site is great! My mother’s maiden name is O’Gara. She has one brother who has a daughter. So the O’Gara name is ending in my family sadly. 🙁

  4. Dottie West says:

    My grandmother’s maiden name was O’Gara, her sister’s name was Mary O’Gara, and they had four brothers, Patrick, who died of brain cancer before he married the love of his life, John O’Gara, served in the US Army , Thomas O’Gara served in the US Navy, and Andrew O’ Gara. Ellen O’Gara was my great-grandmother died before I was born, and I beleive my great-grandfather was Patrick O’Gara. Need to check on this to be sure. If there are any firewalls that hinder return email to this city in North Carolina use: My great-grandparents came from Ireland, but my grandmother and great aunt were born in Philadelphia, PA, in the later 1800’s.

    • P O Gara says:

      The OGara clan came from a place in Ireland called Moygara ,Gurteen Co Sligo the ruins of Moygara castle stand on the shores of lough. Gara (a lake)

    • Dottie,

      Do you know anything about your grandmother Mary? Or of Thomas? In my family I have a great grandmother named Mary Veronica O’Neill who married Roger James O’Gara, Sr. Roger’s father was named Thomas. Both Roger and Mary were born in 1907…

      • Ciarian says:

        Hi Alissa,
        I believe my Grandfather’s sister Josephine Loughlin of Hollymount Co Mayo in Ireland, married a John O’Neill in Jan 1906. They had a daughter, Mary Veronica and the family emigrated to New York around 1907 to 1910. Would this tally with any of your family history? If so, it would be great to hear from you.

    • Alissa says:

      I am also related to a Patrick O’Gara born around 1810. He had a son, named Thomas born around 1831. His son was also named Thomas born 1873, died in Long Island. His son was Roger James born in 1907 and his son was my grandfather.

      There sure are many Pat O’Gara’s and since there are no census records between 1851 and 1901 in Ireland, it is difficult to find any information on this man.

    • elizabeth saars frawley moore says:

      To Dottie, read your page, and my grandmother Eliza-Kate was born is a little town called Lingallon, Roscommon Ireland. My great grandfather Patrick O Gara was a horse thief, and a gun runner from the north to the south and was in the easter up rising in 1916. her mom passed away in 1846 at the young age of 46 due to tb, and father died in a work house in Roscommon in 1886 he was 74. my aunt Margaret OGara married Oscar Johnson whose relatives where part founders of Beacon Falls in CT, New Haven. my aunt Margaret was the first one to come over, then Annie, then my grandmaother who was 12 at the time. Pat had no choice since the English forced him out of his home land, landed in Ansonia CT, and also died of tb, he was 56.there were 12 in the family and only six lived on to a somewhat old age. Annie OGara m Oscar Johnson, Eliza m John McGowan had John and Margaret {my mon} Pat never married , Margaret m , forgot, no children, James Mary Dunn had 3 children, my cousin James, m Dottie ? no children, and Beverly Johnson no children and his brothers died when they were young, all the other childen of the 12 are buried in Roscommon. Ligallen the town was removed from the ancient maps in the middle 18 cent.

    • Dear Dottie, Some of your story corresponds to mine, but not all of it. My mother, Helen O’Gara Taby had brothers Maurice and Art who lived in Philadelphia for most of their lives, but were born to John Charles O’Gara and Ellen Mansfield in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA. (The O’Garas had come to America during the Great Famine, 1847.)
      Ellen died in June about 1890, and her children went to live with an Aunt Bridget O’Gara Bradley, their father’s sister. John was badly injured in a mine explosion in September 1890 so the family was in pretty bad shape for a while. Mary, Maurice and Art lived with Aunt Bridge even after their father remarried, to my grandmother in 1897, because life was a bit more stable that way, due to the younger age of the new wife and a certain degree of culture shock going from a strictly Irish household to one that was PA Dutch.
      The children from the 2 households did not lose touch with each other but got together pretty much just for weddings and funerals, so I do not know very much about my Uncles Maurice and Art. Maurice was married to Mary Stoop.
      If any of this sounds familiar, get in touch with me and I will share what I’ve accumulated on my O’Gara family. Sincerely, Carolyn

    • Mark OGara says:

      Hi Dottie

      The description of your family matches our family tree fairly well.

      Ellen Mansfield O’Gara was the first wife of John Charles O’Gara. My grandfather was Edwin O’Gara, born to Jennie Dooley O’Gara, the second wife.

  5. Dottie West says:

    My grandmother’s maiden name was O’Gara, her sister’s name was Mary O’Gara, and they had four brothers, Patrick, who died of brain cancer before he married the love of his life, John O’Gara, served in the US Army , Thomas O’Gara served in the US Navy, and Andrew O’ Gara. Ellen O’Gara was my great-grandmother died before I was born, and I beleive my great-grandfather was Patrick O’Gara. Need to check on this to be sure. If there are any firewalls that hinder return email to this city in North Carolina use:

  6. Dottie West says:

    Second email if you have any trouble with email firewalls. O’Gara Family

    • june ogara says:

      hello dotty, my father in law was harriets brother. his name was roger ogara. they also had brother john edward ogara. they spell it gara in ireland.
      june ogara

    • Sharon Johnson says:

      Looking for a Mary O’Gara who lived in Pennsylvania in 1920s or so, married someone named McNichols. If anyone has info please contact me at


      My name is Sharon Johnson. Thank you.

      • Dottie West says:

        Sharon, I think maybe I can help you with information about Mary O’Gara who married James McNichol. She lived in Philadelphia on 23rd St, I believe than later settled in Fernwood till she passed in 1978. If I can help you, I would be happy to do what I can. I am also so interested to know more about this wonderful lady. She was a member of the Bobbies Women’s Softball League about the 1920’s, before the team traveled to Japan. (Which she paid for) Baseball & Swimming and working at a girls’ correctional center in Media, PA, was her life. The Mary O’Gara in my life was my hero

  7. John Geary says:

    I have just noticed the shield for O’Gara is the the same as Geary can anyone point me to further information? I have been concentrating on maternal side which is Coyle/Noone/O’Malley

    • Bernie Goulet says:

      I once visited a B and B across from the Waterford Crystal factory in Waterford and the lady there told me it was common knowledge that Geary was the anglicised name for O’Gara.

    • Mike O'Gara says:

      The Gaelic, original, names are both OGadhra

      • RICHARD D. O'GARA says:


  8. Richard O'Gara says:

    My great-great grandparent were John O’Gara and Ann O’Gara (Hogg). They had at least one child that I know of, my great grandfather Thomas O’Gara born in 1852 in Sligo Ireland. He is on the 1880 census of Woburn Massachusetts. According to the 1900 census of Somerville, Massachusetts he came to the US in 1873. I am unable to find the ship he came over on. Any help with locating him on a passenger list would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail to karzak99@yahoo.com.

  9. Samantha says:

    HI! my last name is O’Gara. So is my dads, and his whole side and my brothers too so the name will be carried on 🙂

    • Dottie West says:

      Samantha, it only took me 8 years to get back to you. My peternal grandmother was Helen Veronica O’Gara & her sister was Mary Winnepeg O’Gara McNichol. Glad the O’Gara name will be carried on. How I wish I would have gotten more information while my grandparents were still alive. So much I need to hand down to my children.

  10. gavin geary(aust,aboriginal) says:

    my first time on this site, my father was herbert charles geary the 2nd his grandfather was john geary, i,ll return with more

    • Bernie Goulet says:

      I think we might be related. My mother was Barbara Geary from Sommerville MA born 1929 and her father was I believe Walter Geary probably born around 1900. I seem to recall he had some brothers and I believe the name was John and the grandfather was Michael I think. The grandfather was a mounted police in NYC.

    • Rachel (Australian Aborigine) says:

      My grandmother was Mary Long Nee Geary, descended from John Geary. We are Australian Aboriginal, John Geary marrying into my Aboriginal Ancestry.

      • Rachel (Australian Aborigine) says:

        Oops sorry, my great grandfather was John Geary and he was descended from William Geary…

        • peter Geary says:

          Do you know anything further about your grandfather
          his birth date I am connected to a john Geary my GG grandfathers Brother in Australia they where originally from Bulgaden Ireland ( Limerick ) John Birth dates shown as 24th 4 1847 an 1/5 1849 so assume one died.

  11. My maternal grandmother was Harriet B OGara. She had two brothers John OGara and Rodger OGara. Rodger had moved to the United States and lived in Rhode Island. The family moved to the United States about, 1921. Harriet attended nursing school and, was a nurse. I believe she worked at, Manhatten Hospital. She married Harold James Carpenter, ( nick name Bill)( from Williamsport PA.) had three children. Maternal grandfather worked as a chauffer. They resided in Brooklyn N.Y. ,Harriet OGara Carpenter passed away at age 29 yrs., from pnuemonia. My Mother,( their daughter) and her siblings were left with relatives, in Williamsport PA. with the last name of Fuller. They grew up with a wonderful foster family, by the name of Charles & Della Phillips, from Montgomery PA. My mother (Beverly B. Carpenter Snyder) passed away this year on May 10th 2011. There is one brother still living Harold James Carpenter, of Montgomery PA.. I am one of 6 children that my father (Lee E. Snyder) and my mother( Beverly B. Carpenter Snyder) gave a wonderful life to.

    • june ogara says:

      hello, my husband is roger ogaras son. name eugene edward ogara. i meet harriets son harold carpenter in florida and ny. he is my husbands cousin. we lived in central islip suffolk co ny. moved to florida 18s ago. gene died 4yrs ago. june ogara.

      • jeremy Satteson says:

        hello june my name is jeremy. I am replying to you because my mother posted about Roger, and harriet. I had just noticed your post and left my mother know and she would love to talk to you about this matter. plus I would love to talk to you as well. thank you very much. my email is jeremy.jsartist@gmail.com

        • june ogara says:

          hi jermany my husband eugene edward ogara is is your grandmother cousin. just found you. will give you any information i know.


        • Hello Jeremy!
          I know it’s been a couple years since you’ve posted but my grandmother, June O’Gara, passed away last month and I am picking up in the family history research where she left off. If you are still interesting in exchanging information I would love to! My email is alissajhaller@gmail.com!

          • nicole says:

            hello alissa,
            i am nicole jeremy’s sister. i am so sorry for your loss. i just found this website myself, then saw my brothers name. i hope you are doing fine. i just wanted to express my condulences to you.

  12. Ben Guiry says:

    please note, that both the names Guiry, and Geary, are both variants of the name o’Gara, and all 3 families, are kinsmen to each other, all 3 names are interchangable, and through a period of history, of any family, associated with these names, all 3 variants may appear on either marriage, or baptismal certificates, so for instance if tracing Guiry, family relatives, Geary, may appear, on some certificates.

  13. Erik Wild says:

    Hello cousins, I am a descendant of Stephen McGeary born in FrenchPark
    (Dun Gar or valley of Gar) County Roscommon, Ireland. I have found many records where like most Americans of Irish descent the spelling of the name changed many times. I found records where Stephen and is two brothers have many different spellings including but not limited to McGara, McGeary,Geary, Garry,McGarry, Gary, and McGary. I believe the real spelling may be Geary or Gara and Mc added because they where Irish. Both of Stephen’s parents were part of the Coolavin Barony both born within its borders and his mother’s name being Lavin.

    • maria reeve nee gara says:

      Hi My maiden name was Gara or O’Gara. My father was born in Ballaghdreen co Roscommon. His name is Martin but called Bob. His sister is Greta married to Paddy Finn {deceased} a brother Dominick and brother Shane {deceased in infancy}.

  14. Connie Gerry says:

    My last name is spelled Gerry and I just learned it’s probably a derivative of the Irish O’Gara clan, also known as Geary. Does anyone have any other information about the Gerry spelling?

  15. Wayne N. Gearey says:

    My great great Grandfathers name was Gearey from Ireland married in Quebec Canada he was in the army

  16. Mark Kelly says:

    My grandmother’s name was Mary Ellen O’Gara (b 1894) and she was the eldest of seven in her family from Frenchpark, Roscommon. Her siblings were Kate, John, Michael, Joseph, Dominic and James. All but James emigrated to New York. My mother (Patricia Hester – her father is Patrick Hester from Castlerea) tells me that James’ grandsons now live in the same house in Frenchpark that Mary Ellen and her siblings grew up in! Any relatives of the siblings out there please chime in!

    • Kate Melody Gallagher says:

      My grandmother, Catherine O’Gara was from French Park, her cousins, I believe own or owned the Royal Roscommon Hotel?

    • Mary F. Cohen says:

      Hello, Cousin. This is Mary and I am one of 23 grandchildren of Michael Patrick O’Gara. Michael died in 1983. Yes, James two sons Mike and Jimmy still live in that same house that your Grandmother and all the rest were born in. On my first visit to Ireland I traveled with Aunt Kate and my brother Bill and I swear it was you and your sister and your parents. We went to a Pub for a Cailie (sp??) Is Christie your father or uncle? This was August 1982. I love Ireland and family. Be well and say hello for me.

      • Mark Kelly says:

        Hello Mary. I will actually be going to Ireland for the first time in August with my mother and my son, Dan (24). We plan to meet up with your mother’s cousins Celia and Kitty. I know my father and mother (Doc and Patsy) and my sister Grace went to Ireland in 1982 with Aunt Kate as well. I didn’t know you were on the same trip! Christie is my uncle.


        • Mary F. Cohen says:

          Mark, I hope you have a excellent visit. August is the best month to go in my opinion. I went back in August 1991 with my mother Mary and her good friend Helen. What a blast! The last visit was in August 1994 or 1995 with one of my sisters, Kathleen. Please send my love to All and I hope you and the family have the best time. “Ceide Mile Failte”

    • Mary Ellen O'Gara Coddington says:

      My Name is Mary Ellen O’Gara Coddington. I was named after my Grandmother Mary Ellen O’Gara. She died when my father Wm. F. O’Gara was a young boy. His mother was married to a man whose last name was Bourbeau and had 3 children with him before he died. My grandfather William O’Gara married her and had my father in 1918. He was my grandfathers only child. My grandfather died in 1950 right before I was born.

    • maria reeve nee gara says:

      my father is from ballaghdreen co roscommon , Martin Gara.

  17. Jade lee o'gara says:

    My name is jade o’gara, my mums name is sonia o’gara and her fathers name is rodger o’gara. If you think we are reated leave a reply, thanks xx

    • Rodger O’Gara is a somewhat common name. Ha. My great grand father was Rodger James O’Gara, Sr. He was born on January 14, 1907 in Castlereagh in County Rosecommon. He died in October 1983 in Central Islip, NY. From what I understand, he was named after his uncle? Rodger James’ father was named Thomas. I don’t have any information on Thomas besides the fact that he was married to a Bridget Brennan who was born in 1868 and died in 1950. Thomas also, to my understanding, abandonded Bridget and his family in Ireland and moved to America where he remarried a lady named Mary…but was still married to Bridget in Ireland. Confusing.
      Anyways, if any of this is familiar I would love to connect! My email is alissajhaller@gmail.com.

  18. virginia says:

    My mothers name is Roberta O’gara, she had a brother named Richard, and one named patrick (who was adopted as a baby), her parents were henrietta (robertson) and John O’gara, she was put in forster care at a young age and knows nothing about her family, she was raised in brooklyn ny, if anyone know anything about either one of these people please contact me thank you

    • Michael says:

      my grandmother is mary ogara from brooklyn ny born in 1890. I have alot of ogara family in Brooklyn and will research for you. Talk to you soon.

      • roberta louise ogara says:

        Michael got some info wrong father name was joseph ogara born 4/08/1922

      • My mother was henrietta Robertson married Joseph O’Gara lived in bklyn had me and a son Richard Thomas another son James Joseph had brothers Andrew buddy Richard sisters Dorothy Rita Theresa if any info contact me louise9281@yahoo.com

      • Michael my name is Roberta my parents were from Brooklyn Joseph O’Gara married Henrietta Robertson in 1948 had sisters Mary Rita thresea Dorothy brothers William aka buddy Thomas Andrew their parents were Andrew O’Gara Anna Ferrell if you have any more info contact me ty

      • Roberta Ogara says:

        Hello my name Roberta Ogara could ask your grandmother if her brother was Joseph born 1922

  19. Nancy Royce says:

    My ancestry comes from Roscommon county Ireland and the family name is Gately. They came to the USA prior to 1850. They had some children in Ireland, but they must have died. Ones left behind were Michael R Gately, Bridget and MaryAnn Gately. They came from the parish of Tisrara as stated on John Gately’s grave here in the USA. Would anyone have any information of the family in Ireland? O’Gara is said to be one of the names, among many, that the name Gately comes under. Thank you for any responces.

  20. Annette Polsky says:

    My great-great grandmother was Catherine Harriet O’Gara. She came over to the USA from Aghanagh, Ireland sometime before 1876. On 03 Feb 1876 she married Robert Thompson in Providence, RI. Catherine’s marriage and death certificate (died 25 June 1899 in Providence, RI) lists her parents names are Dominic O’Gara and Mary Clarke.

    Her brothers and sisters also came over from Aghanagh, Ireland.
    Patrick O’Gara born in 1849
    Anne O’Gara born about 1856
    Edward O’Gara born 1859
    Mary O’Gara born about 1860

    A brother named John O’Gara (born about 1856) stayed in Aghanagh, Ireland. He married Mary Cryan and had children there. I found his family in the 1901 and 1911 census. Two of his sons, Patrick and James, came to Providence and stayed with their Uncle Edward O’Gara.

    I commissioned the County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society to do further research on my O’Garas. They confirmed that Catherine, Patrick, and Edward all had the same parents. However, they believe that Catherine born in 1846 died because in 1864, Dominic and Mary had another daughter whom they named Catherine. They did not find any record of Mary or Ann being born to Dominic and Mary. This really threw me for a loop since all my research in the US suggests that they are all siblings. Backed up by the sponsors of their children and the witneses at their weddings having last names of O’Gara and Clarke.

    I’ve been doing some more research on all the O’Garas in living in Providence to see if any of the other O’Garas are cousins of my O’Garas.

    If anyone has any information that they could share with me, I would greatly appreciate it. I also have a bunch more information than listed above on my O’Garas and the other O’Garas I found living in Providence.

    Thank you,
    Annette Polsky

  21. Maureen Hennessey says:

    Hello All –

    I just came upon this website and am glad to find all these family researchers. I recently learned of my family history and am exploring any leads on Ellen Geary, born in Ireland about 1850, emmigrated here and was married in 1869 in Hartford, CT to Almon Brooks, and later to Andrew Leonard in Oswego, NY. She had 9 children and died in 1906 in Oswego, NY. ANY info about her Ellen’s siblings (possibly a Mary Geary), and her parents would be much appreciated. Thank you, Maureen

    • Ross Leonard says:

      Hello Maureen,

      I just started looking into my familys roots and believe Ellen Geary is my great grandmother. My grandfather was Charles Leonard in Oswego, NY but now there is a question about who was Charles’s father, Andrew Leonard or Almon Brooks. I would appreciate your reply if you receive this reply. My email is cva64ross@aol.com or cell phone at 214 773 6521. Thanks
      Ross Leonard
      p.s. I believe Ellen Geary Leonard died May 6, 1903 in Oswego and is buried in St. Peters Cemetery in Oswego.

  22. Teresa Emsley says:

    My Great Grandmother was Mary Ellen O’Gara b1871 her father was Thomas O’Gara b1846 in Sligo his father was Batholomew O’Gara born abt 1800 not sure who he married.
    Thomas married Margaret Tarpy. Mary Ellen maried William Thomas McGill in Batley Yorkshire but Williams father Bartholomew McGill was also from Sligo in Ireland and he married a non catholic Katherine Baker, which i think was frowned upon.

    • maura says:

      Katherine (Catherine) Baker was daughter of Andrew Baker Redhill, She had two brothers Henry and William Andrew, a sister Hannah Jane, the last surviving member of the family who died in 1912.

  23. Hi, I’m Kerry, my dad was David John O’Gara, brother of Bernard Francis son of Francis and Minnie. They lived in Oldham gtr. Manchester. My brother Michael and I both have young boys that are carrying on the name. would be interested to find any relatives living nearby. My brother and i both live in north wales.

  24. Jill A. O'Gara says:

    My husband was Thomas G. O’Gara, his O’Gara relatives in Ireland lived in a small town in County Sligo called Gurteen. He visited yearly in February to see Moygara Castle, the Lake, etc. His father was John O’Gara (born in the United States), grandparents lived in Trenton, New Jersey (on South Olden Avenue) near St. Anthony’s Church. My husband passed away in November, 2000. My son, Thomas Andrew O’Gara, would be interested in finding out additional information about other relatives.

    • ROBERT OGARA says:

      HI JILL.

      • Shannon says:

        Hi Jill. John O’gara was my grandmother’s brother. Do you know anything about the family? I can’t seem to find anything on Delia Hunt or Roger O’gara. It seems Delia came to the USA before Roger. Here’s what I found on each. I can’t find out who Roger’s parents were, or Delia Hunts:
        New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
        about Roger Ogara
        Name: Roger Ogara
        Arrival Date: 26 Oct 1912
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1888
        Age: 24
        Gender: Male
        Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
        Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Irish
        Ship Name: Cedric
        Port of Arrival: New York, New York
        Nativity: Ireland
        Line: 10
        Microfilm Serial: T715
        Microfilm Roll: T715_1963
        Birth Location: Ireland
        Birth Location Other: sligo <=====================!!!
        Page Number: 66

        farmer from Kensall, Sligo. Nearest relative was his brother Mr. O'Gara (Brother) Old P?eel or Old Reel (Farm), Kensall, going to Trenton, New Jersey
        Cousin?Chris? Cris? Delia Hunt in 260 Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey

        (don't know if this is the correct Delia)
        New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
        about Roger Ogara
        Name: Roger Ogara
        Arrival Date: 26 Oct 1912
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1888
        Age: 24
        Gender: Male
        Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
        Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Irish
        Ship Name: Cedric
        Port of Arrival: New York, New York
        Nativity: Ireland
        Line: 10
        Microfilm Serial: T715
        Microfilm Roll: T715_1963
        Birth Location: Ireland
        Birth Location Other: sligo <=====================!!!
        Page Number: 66

        farmer from Kensall, Sligo. Nearest relative was his brother Mr. O'Gara (Brother) Old P?eel or Old Reel (Farm), Kensall, going to Trenton, New Jersey
        Cousin?Chris? Cris? Delia Hunt in 260 Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey

        • Jill O'Gara says:

          I never really answered you, because I do not have a computer home but my son has an email if you would like to contact him. He is Tommy A. O’Gara, email is Tomarino1381@gmail.com. Anyway, in response to Delia & Roger Hunt, all I can offer is that the O’Gara’s that are buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery in Trenton (actually Hamilton Twp) New Jersey are as follows:

          Margaret & John O’Gara (my husband’s parents)
          Roger O’Gara (his father’s brother)
          Martin O’Gara (another brother)
          twin brothers of my husband (not listed on stone)
          there may be one other uncle in the grave, not sure.

          The surviving first cousins are as follows:
          Brenda O’Gara
          Mike Lawson (his mother was Mary O’Gara sister to my husband’s father – John O’Gara)
          Marilyn O’Gara Wooley (Brenda’s sister)

          Sorry, it took so long to respond. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

          Jill A. O’Gara

          • shannon says:

            I just realized I know you Jill. Mike Lawson is my uncle, Roger Lawson was my dad. We lived on Lafayette at the same time. 🙂

            • Jill O'Gara says:

              I don’t usually check this website on a regular basis. Anyway, hi Shannon, hope you are doing well. Didn’t you also have a sister and isn’t Mary Jane your mom. My sister and I used to see her at Charlie’s Corner Store sometimes. We moved out of the neighborhood and live in Briarwood townhomes. I have a son, Tom, who is 25 years old. You may go on Facebook and you could reach out to him, if you would like to. I do not do Facebook or any Social Media. I’m not really too computer or phone or media savvy. He also works at Brick House Tavern in Princeton, NJ. (should you ever frequent the restaurant – ask for him).

              His email is Tomarino1381@gmail.com

              • Shannon says:

                Hi Jill, My mom is Jan, she use to see you in Charlie’s. My sister is Jaime. I am friends with Tom on fb. Did you ever find out more info on our O’Gara family?

  25. Ben Guiry says:

    Hello to all our kinsmen, just a note to say, that if your name is o’Gara, Geary, or Guiry, we are all of the one clan, and are kinsmen to each other, there are historical reasons for the anglicized variants of the name, mostly due to 2 large sections of the clan leaving the o’Gara territorial land they held in County Sligo, in the 13th century, under pressure from the Norman invasion of Ireland, one section of the o’Gara clan were given refuge by the powerful o’Briens of Thomond { Limerick } and the name became Geary, for the most part, the other section of the clan that migrated south, were given refuge by the powerful MaCarthy clan, just outside Dungarvan, County Waterford in the large townland still know today as BallyGuiry, please note, those of you interested in bying family crests, the MaGuire clan are not kinsmen to us, but are often lumped in beside us because of the similar sounding name, they were part of the Scottish Gallowglass fighters, who arrived into Ireland, to fight for the o’Connors of Connacht, as Mercenaries. in the 16th century, best to you all, Ben Guiry [ Historian }

    • John Carew says:

      Dear Ben,

      I tried to send this to the last address I had for you, unsucessfully. I did find you in this website, so I hope you don’t me cluttering up the works with this off topic note.

      It has been a couple of years since our last emails, and I believe we stopped communicating because you had other priorities to deal with. That was OK. You had been looking into the possibility that Thomas Carew and his wife Esther Goulding would have had ancestors in the Farrahy area between Mallow and Mitchelstown. We didn’t quite get that far.

      Since then, I have not been doing too much in the way of Carew research, until just recently. As much by accident than anything, in reviewing the Irish participants of the Peter Robinson Immigration to Canada in 1825, I came across something that really caught my attention. When I was reviewing the Emily Township Census documents from 1826 forward, which were organized by Lot and Concession, I found that Thomas Carew’s neighbour immediately north of his land was John Guiry and family, one of the Peter Robinson families from the 1825 event, living on the north half of Lot 21 Concession 6 Emily Township, Victoria County, Ontario. Thomas Carew’s property was the south half of Lot 21, Concession 6. In addition, after checking the ship lists from the Peter Robinson Immigration, I found that Lord Ennismore had vouched for both Thomas Carew and John Guiry. John Guiry was shown to be from Carrigtohill, County Cork, Ireland, and arrived in Canada aboard the Star. In the manifest, his name was spelled Geary, but in all subsequent documents, and cemetery listings, the family name was Guiry. In the Census documents, his family is recorded as RC, and after checking the Cemetery Lists in Emily Township, I found John and his wife and their descendants buried in various RC Cemeteries in Emily.

      I thought at least that you might want to know this, and perhaps have the opportunity to determine if John Guiry, born cica 1788 was a relative of yours.

      Perhaps you’ll let me know what you find out.


      John Carew
      Frankford Ontario Canada

    • Gwynne Potts says:

      Is there a known Irish resource that could provide information about a marriage between William Shanley (AKA Shenley) and Julia Anna Maria Geary? Their son, Edward William Henry Shenley (later called Edward Wyndham Harrington Schenley) was born in 1798 or 99 in England and married Catherine Ingles in Livorno, Italy in 1823 after serving in the Waterloo campaign as a 1st lieutenant.

  26. Wendy says:

    Seeking O’GARA’s from Sligo Ireland..my Elizabeth O’GARA married Hugh McCRAN, Margaret their daughter was born around 1845 but think that maybe there were two siblings of Margarets, Barthelomew and Honora [ think Honora married a KELLY ] don’t know if they were younger or older than Margaret….so would be looking at O’GARA’s around 1800ish.
    Hope to hear from maybe rellies.

  27. Wendy says:

    Seeking O’GARA’s from Sligo Ireland..my Elizabeth O’GARA married Hugh McCRAN, Margaret their daughter was born around 1845 but think that maybe there were two siblings of Margarets, Barthelomew and Honora [ think Honora married a KELLY ] don’t know if they were younger or older than Margaret….so would be looking at O’GARA’s around 1800ish.
    Hope to hear from maybe rellies.
    p.s. sorry mistake on e-mail address on post before

    • Karen McKinlay nee McCran says:

      I just stumbled across this page and wondered if there could be a relation. My Dad’s name is Bartholomew McCran from Scotland. He is now 63. Thanks

  28. Brian O'Gara says:

    My father’s side of the family is named O’Gara. I am named after him and his Father was named Richard. He was the youngest of seven children and was the only one born in the US. They came to New York in the 1930s from French Court, Ireland.

  29. Edmond Waldron says:

    I am searching for information on a Mr James Mary Joseph O’Gara, born about 1860, married my Great Grandmother, Mary Waldron, and he worked in london
    and was awarded an OBE in 1944. Hope someone can help. Regards. Mr E Waldron

  30. Brian Ogara Foley says:

    Hi there,
    Can anyone assist me in my quests for information on the family of Martin Gara of Doogara & Margaret Towey of Derrincartha, married in Ballaghadereen church on 06/02/1868, they had, I believe, six children, Dominic born 11/08/1872, died 11/03/1953, I have no information on Dominic except that there is a mention of a wife named Georgina, but in his last will and testament he left one hundred pounds to a lady whose name was Kathleen Marr, I have no idea if she was his house keeper or what. Brigid born 22/11/1873, died 17/01/1874. Winifred born 17/01/1875, no other details except that she emigrated to the USA when she was a young woman. Brigid again born 11/08/1876, no information except that if the family lost a child shortly after birth, the next child born who was of the same sex, was given the name of the child who had recently passed away, but I am not too sure if I am correct though . Margaret born 26/10/1879, married William Henry Davies on 07/11/1913, St Vincents Church Altrincham, Cheshire.
    My Grandmother Catherine was married to Joseph Foley on 23/04/1906, also, at St Vincents church, she passed away on 11/12/1936, in Altrincham , Cheshire, Joseph and Catherine had four children, Thomas, Winnie Annie, and Jack, my father.
    If anyone has any information can you post it on the notice board please, please.
    kindest regards
    Brian Ogara Foley

    • Joseph says:

      Heya, you were asking about Martin O’Gara and Dominic O’Gara from Ballaghaderreen? I think we’re talking about the same people though I’m only certain of all the family members up to the generation below. I’m Dominic’s great-grandson. The family is from Kilmovee, about 8/9 miles from Ballaghaderreen. If you want more information my mam knows a great deal about the family. If you e-mail me I’ll give you her details and you can have a chat.

  31. Thomas Francis Geary says:

    Great grandfather-Harold Geary of Danvers, MA. That’s all I have. I was told I received my name from Thomas Francis Cunahan. Any help tracing back further is appreciated!

  32. patti says:


    In the 12th century the Ó Gadhras were Kings of Sliabh Lugha, anciently referred to as Gailenga. The O’Hara’s retained the name Luighne for their territory to the north. The O’Garas were expelled into Coolavin, Co. Sligo by the Mac Jordan of Connacht.

    The Gearys (O’Garas-or O’Gadras) are decents of Irish Royalty. This Royal family is one of the oldest royal families in the world- their ancestry actually came form Scottish Royalty. (which dates back to the vikings) (hence the red hair)

  33. Kai-Ella O Gara says:

    Hello I’m Kai-Ella O Gara we live in Roscommon and we don’t no our family history my grandparents Mage O Gara and Javk O Gara had five children
    If anyone knows anything please email me at ellaogara3@gmail.com

  34. Scott Phillips says:

    My great grand parents Fred O’Gara married Catherine Flanigan, had 8 children.
    Doris, Agnes, Shirley, Delores, Margaret, Mary, Francis and Betty. My grand parents and family are from the western New York area (Buffalo). If anyone has details of Fred and Catherine (and earlier) please let me know.

  35. Dora Johnson-Smith says:

    I am searching on some family history to which I have very little information. My great,great, grandmother Ellen Geary was born about 27 May 1843 in Bulgaden Parish Limerick. Ellen immigrated to Australia on the Eastern Empire 1862. Her fathers name is John Geary and her mothers name Ellen Hicky/Hickey. Possible siblings are William b.04/08/1838, Mary b. 23/03/1840, Patrick b. 23/11/1843, John b.24/04/1847 and another son called John b. 01/05/1849. I believe Ellen’s parents married about 24/05/1837. I have no information on Ellen’s family or life before she came to Australia. It has been mentioned she came to Australia due to a family estrangement. Would anyone be able to assist me with this family or know of any details about this Geary family? Any information is greatly appreciated.

  36. Iliana Ogara says:

    Hello everyone. My name is Ogara, but my great grandfather came to Uruguay, America from Spain, more precisely of Biscay. Can anyone tell me if there is any relationship between the O’Garas of Ireland and Ogaras of Spain?

    Hola a todos. Mi apellido es Ogara, pero mi bisabuelo llegó a Uruguay, América, desde España, más precisamente de Vizcaya. Alquien sabría decirme si existe alguna relación entre los Ogara de Irlanda y los Ogara de España?

    • joe ogara says:

      Yes look up oliver ogaras history he went to spain after the english defeated the irish.

    • Maura O'Gara-O'Riordan says:

      Dear Iliana,
      Yes, I have some eighteenth century history on three O’Gara brothers who served in the Irish brigades in Spain
      John O’Gara who was knighted in Spain in 1722, Knight of Santiago
      His brother Oliver died in Spain around 1760
      His brother Joseph Arthur, Knight of Alcantar died around 1769
      Their brother Count Charles O’Gara died in Brussels in 1777
      Do you have any records of your O’Gara ancestors?

      • Marty o gara says:

        Can an u email me

        I am related to this Charles o Gara
        Who died 1777
        And his brothers
        Have u more information

        I think a brother of his
        Was archbishop of tuam as well

        He came back home wealthy and
        Bought up all the land for his family

  37. D Murray says:

    Looking for any information on Patrick O’Gara & Mary Ann O’Hara who married in Ballysodare, Co. Sligo on 16 May 1890 and had the following children:-
    Mary Elizabeth 1891
    Martin Joseph 1892
    Anne 1893
    Ellen 1895
    Katie 1897
    Found them living in Ballysodare in 1901 & 1911 Census
    Any leads welcome !

  38. Mary Standridge says:

    Every time I research Garas or Gieras I come up here. Does anyone know a link to my family name? My grandfather came from Poland. Supposedly they changed his name from Gieras to Garas at Ellis Island or in the military.


  39. Ben Guiry says:

    in reply to illiana o’Gara, the historical reason why some of the o’Gara clan migrated to south America through Spain, is that many of the o’Gara clan left Ireland for Spain during the flight of the Earls in 1609 many subsequently went into military service in the armies of France, Spain, and Austria, a number of these o’Gara families were subsequently bestowed with titles, some were already Earls in there own right, as they held the title Earls of Coolavin, whether the name used is the original o’Gara, or the later anglicized versions, Geary, or Guiry, all 3 translate in Gaelic as O’Gadhra, meaning The Mastiff.

  40. I am picking up where my grandmother, June (Cunningham) O’Gara left off. She passed away last month and I have found so much information except on my grandfather’s side. The O’Gara’s. I am just going to post what I know and see if anyone has any connections!

    So my grandfather was named Eugene Edward O’Gara. Born January 24, 1935 in Central Islip, Long Island, NY and died July 9, 2007 in Volusia County, Florida.

    Eugene Edward’s father was Roger James O’Gara, Sr. who was born in January 14, 1907 in Castlereagh, County Rosecommon, Ireland. He came over to America with his father. Roger James died on October 1983 in Central Islip, Long Island, NY. He was married to Mary Veronica O’Neill who was born in Oughterard, Ireland and died on September 11, 1990 in Central Islip, Long Island, NY.

    Roger James’ father was Thomas Gara who was born in 1871 in Creggane, County Rosecommon, Ireland. He died in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY…probably Central Islip since that seems to be the pattern. His first wife was Bridget Brennan who was born in 1868 and died in January of 1950 in Creggane, County Rosecommon. From what I understand of the documents my grandmother had, Thomas was married to Bridget and he left to go to America with his son. Eventually Bridget traveled to the USA but went back to Ireland. Thomas married another woman named Mary in the USA but also remained married to Bridget. I can’t find any divorce information…

    Thomas’s parents were Thomas Gara and Mary McDonnell and that is the only information I have on them.

    If anyone has any connections I would love to talk! My email is alissajhaller@gmail.com.

  41. Jade Mona O'Gara says:

    Hello my name is also Jade O’Gara and my father’s name is Andrew O’Gara who is one of four brothers who grew up in Birmingham. I’ve not seen any of them for years and am surprised that they are not on here. I’m very proud of my name and it’s lovely to know there’s plenty of O’Gara’s out there.

  42. Nicholas James says:

    My name is Nicholas Sadowski by law. By birth my name is Nicholas James O’gara I was adopted when I was 9 and I am looking to change my name back to o’gara but first would like to know where I fall in the blood line. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  43. Nicholas James says:

    I posted this earlier and it got deleted not sure why. My name due to my adoption at the age of 9 is Nicholas James Sadowski my birth name is Nicholas James O’gara my father was Matthew O’gara (who I never met) am looking for information on my blood line where would I find such information?

    • Alissa says:

      If Matthew O’Gara has passed away, you can try ancestry.com. It might be a good place to start. I am not sure how old you are so I can’t guess how old he would be. Once a person passes on their social security number and vital records are released. Can you guess his age? Do you know his wife’s name?
      Good luck on your search!

  44. chrisopher mooney says:

    I greatly admire this website and the imagination that created it. I am amazed at the spread of comments, queries and answers it receives from people from so many backgrounds.
    One problem I do have however is the poor spelling of that traditional Irish greeting that heads up your website – it should be ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’, the long vowel marks over certain letters indicate pronunciation and are not optional or merely decorative. They must be included if the phrase is to make sense – a hundred thousand welcomes. After all, if it were any other language you were using you would ensure it was spelled correctly, so why disrespect the native tongue of your Ó Gadhra ancestry in so apparently careless or ignorant a manner? Its not hard to find an accurate Gaelic font nowadays. By the way, have a listen to the traditional Irish language song ‘Síle Ní Ghadhra’ [sheela nee eyrah] on U Tube. As often with traditional songs there are several versions.

    Go n-éirí le muintir Uí Ghadhra pé áit ina gcónaíonn sibh.


  45. Capt. Larry Phillips says:

    Hi all,
    I’m going to try this again. I’m not sure the 1st post made it due to my miss hit on my keyboard.
    This site is manna from heaven given the wealth of information on the O’Gara clan.
    Like many here, I’ve not found much on this maternal site of my O’Gara family.
    In particular, any links to information on my maternal grandmother, who basically raised me but, who herself was orphaned at 8 yr.s old (1896)and only had a limited memory of her parents and two elder twin brothers (birthdate unknown).
    She was born on Feb., 26, 1888 in Marion County, in either Arkansas (she pronounced it “R” kansas) or, Kansas, USA to Patrick O’Gara and his wife Mary Ann (Thomas) O’Gara. In 1896 their mother Mary died of consumption. Rose was taken in by the Bennett’s who work on the railroad. She was taken from them by Joe Rettings and his wife within a year or so and Rose was sent by train to her aunt Rhoda & husband J.D.Spinning in Summit, NJ.. Rhoda and J.D. later arranged a marriage when Rose was 16 yr.s old to a local farmer in his mid 40’s by the last name of Percelle. He was prone to drink in access and within 5 yrs. died of a heart attack forcing Rose to return to her aunts boarding house in Summit, NJ with her two daughters Bertha and Elizabeth. In short order James C. Carey (my maternal grandfather), an overnight tenant at the boarding house, was passing through and wisked Rose and her girls from there to his home in Scranton, Pa. This union lasted until the death of James in 1938. They had three additional children. John, Dorothy and my mother, the youngest born in 1925 just outside of Scranton, Doris Jane (Carey) Phillips.
    Rose died Dec. 6, 1972 while living with us in Bellflower, Ca. when I was 17. Rose and I were very close. She only had an 8th grade education and possessed an unbelievable work ethic, a heart of gold and was tougher than wet shoe leather.
    I’m in great hope that either you or someone here might have some additional information on Rose’s parents, Patrick and Mary Ann O’Gara and/ or brothers Mark (or could also be Louis) and John O’Gara.
    Unfortunately, anything Rose might have known died with her all those years ago.
    I do have a few bits if interested. I have copies of letters sent to Rose (unsigned) from one of her brothers in 1898 and more detailed accounts of Rose’s transition after her mother died. Rose believed that her mother Mary was English but I have no validation on that.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted.
    You can email me at either : captain@beastcustoms.com or mtmarine@logical.net
    Many thanks,
    Capt. Larry Phillips

    • Capt. Larry Phillips says:

      I was in error regarding the birth year of Rose May O’Gara. She was born in 1883. Upon further research I was also able to confirm that she was born in the state of Kansas not Arkansas.
      Within a year of Rose’s arrival at her Aunts boarding house in NJ her (now widowed) aunt Rhoda Spinning adopted Rose and changed her name to Florence Spinning in 1896.
      Any information you might have regarding Rose May O’Gara a.k.a. Florence Spinning & Rose May Carey would be most appreciated.

      captain@beastcustoms.com or mtmarine@logical.net or larry@uriderental.com

      • Capt. Larry Phillips says:

        Finally stumbled across the O’Gara’s of Kansas, USA in the mid to late 1800’s. They are listed in the Kansas State Census of 1875 as having the surname O’Gary instead of O’Gara.
        The census does show that Patrick b. 1844 in Ireland and his wife Mary J. (Thomas) b. 1865 in New Jersey, USA farming on 80 acres in the township of Doyle, Marion County, Kansas, USA.
        I also found a 1870 census that shows Patrick O’Gara (correct spelling) as living at the same location alone at 23 y.o. and claiming to have come to the State of Kansas via the U.S. State of Louisiana. Perhaps the port of entry. Still looking into that.
        Other census records indicate that they actually had 4 children not 3. and the elder boys where not twins after all. The eldest being Robert b. 1876 then John b. 1878 then possibly Maurice b. 1880 or 81 and then my maternal Grandmother Rose b. 1888 not 1883 as thought before.
        Coming across the different spellings of the surname often will bring results in places you have already done exhaustive searches before.
        If your a descendant of the Kansas O’Gara’s I would really like to talk with you and see we can find where in Ireland Patrick was born and the history of his fore fathers.

  46. marcos ogara says:

    Hola soy argentino mi abuelo se llamaba Mario ogara y mi papa Pedro OGARA yo soy marcos OGARA y mi hijo es ian OGARA really cool but i want to now here came from muy last name ! And if i have a brotha from anathe continental , thx thx

  47. roberta louise ogara says:

    My parents are henrietta robertson and joseph ogara her I don’t know much about joseph was born 4/08/1922 he had brothers buddy and richard thomas sisters dorothy kolb. And rita etta parents were robert and jenny robertson if anybody knows any info please contact me

  48. Beth Engelhardt says:

    I am searching for information on Margaret Agnes O’Gara, born in Roscommon, Ireland in 1887. I would like to know when and how she came to the United States.
    Apparently she had nurses training. She married George B Waltho in Spokane, Washington on March 6, 1917. I have quite a bit of information on her from 1924 on, but would like to trace her family tree.

  49. Tricia O'Gara says:

    I wanted to say hi to all… I live in Birmingham, Alabama. My dad’s name was Patrick O’Gara. His dad was Daniel who had 2 brothers. Their dad came from Ireland and settled in Bessemer, Alabama. My great grandfather helped build St. Aloysius School and Church.

    Lovely site. I enjoy reading all the comments. My sister has a book with a picture of the castle that I believe my grandfather brought back from Ireland on one of his many visits to see our relatives. He used to cruise over every year for holiday.

  50. Shannon Dearth says:

    My Great, Great Grandfather, Michael Geary left Kilrush, County Clare with his younger brother William (who went on to Australia) in the mid 1800’s. Michael migrated and established a homestead in Montana, USA. His mother, my Great, Great, Great Grandmother was an O’Dea (I cannot remember her first name right now)

    I am trying to research Clan Tartans. I have found one that blankets the O’Dea’s but I have not found anything for the O’Gadhra’s. Is there one, and if not is the one from County Sligo appropriate for the O’Gadhra clan?

  51. My name is Joanne Marie O’Gara, my dad was John Joseph O’Gara from Trenton,Nj. My Grandparents were Roger & Delia O’Gara.My mom was Margaret O’Gara,my brother was Thomas Girard O’Gara, my twin sister was Donna Marie O’Gara Harker.I have a son Jonathan Patrick Treptow and and a daughter Lindsey Taylor Treptow, we are from Bordentown,NJ.I also have 1 grandson Lucas Charles Thomas Treptow.

    • Shannon Lawson says:

      Hi Joanne. Roger & Delia O’Gara were my great grandparents. My grandmother was Mary O’Gara, who married Joseph Lawson. Roger Lawson was my dad. I remember Aunt Marge!! Do you have any info on Roger O’Gara or Delia (Hunt) O’Gara’s parents names? I have been trying to find any info, but have not. Hope to hear from you. (I’m in Hamilton, near the Whitehorse Circle)

  52. Looking for info on Joseph O’Gara born april 8 1922 married Henrietta. Robertson in 1948 one daughter Roberta one son Richard Thomas had brothers Andrew buddy Richard sister Dorothy Rita thresa Dorothy was married to Steve kolb any info contact me at louise9281 a yaho

  53. BARBARA ROTH says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find out more about my great great grandfather Dominic Thomas O’Gara who somehow landed up in the USA. His daughter, my great grandmother Rosa OGara lived in Sedalia, Missouri. I seemed to remember that DT had left a place called Roscommon in Ireland. I know nothing about Ireland and would love to know direct family if possible. A second cousin of mine traveled to Ireland and told me about the ruins of a castle (stones) , a cemetery and lake surrounding his roots in Ireland. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you. Barb in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  54. Shan says:

    Does anyone have any information about Martin O’Gara (b.1855) or Hanoria (b. 1857?) Martin and Hanoria were married. I can’t find any info on either. I’m trying to get my paternal ggrandparents info, but haven’t been able to get my dad’s grandfathers parents, or my dad’s grandmothers parents. I think they lived in Sligo. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  55. penny says:

    Hello, I was born Caroline Anne O’Connell and subsequently adopted. My birth father was Michael O’Gara who was 24 in 1963 when I was born. He was a Quantity Surveyor who lived in Ealing, London. It would be a dream come true to meet my birth father. He would have been born in 1939 either in County Mayo or Galway and would now be 76 years old. If anyone out there can help, I would be very grateful.

    Kind regards
    Penny Carter

  56. Shannon says:

    I’m looking for information of my great great grandparents, Martin O’Gara and Mary Henry (O’Gara). I believe they were both from Sligo. My great grandfather Roger O’Gara (b. 1888) was their son. I’m looking for Martin and Mary’s parents names, as well as siblings of each, and any other children they had besides Roger. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  57. O'Gara Kin says:

    Looking for information of my great great grandparents: Martin O’Gara (im guessing her was born between 1850-1860) and Mary Henry. I believe they were both from Sligo. Does anyone have any info at all? They had the following children I think: Margaret (1880), Martin(1882), Bridget(1887), Roger(1888), and Beatrice (1892). I’d love to know more. If you have any info, please email me at shannonlawson17@gmail.com. Hope to hear from someone!!

  58. Mustapha Gara says:

    Hey I’m looking for the roots of my last name : Gara .could you help .Thank you .

  59. Kelsey O'Gara says:

    My name is Kelsey O’Gara, my father is Michael O’Gara (so is his father), his brother is Stephen O’Gara, and sister Irene O’Gara. Located in Massachusetts, Boston in particular. Family has residence in Boyles Roscommon Ireland

  60. Richard John O’Gara says:

    My name is Richard O’Gara. I was born in Huddersfield United Kingdom in 1982. My Grandfather John Dominic O’Gara was born in Grimethorpe, Barnsley in 1925. A lot of his family reside there still. His daughter, my mother Ann O’Gara was born in Doncaster in 1965. The family moved to Shepley, Huddersfield (UK) in 1967.
    John, his wife Marjorie and their two children, Martin and Ann grew up there. Ann still lives there and her married name is Mitchell.
    I joined the British Army in 1999 and left in 2016. I moved to Boston Massachusetts in 2016 and reside there now. My Grandfather’s brother Frank moved to Chicago and then on to Seattle, he was the General Manager of the Seattle Yacht club from 1972 to 1974. He was also the General Manager of the Hilton on Park Lane London, prior to his move to the USA.
    If anyone recognizes any of these details and can help me find some living relatives, I will gladly appreciate it.

  61. Matt McGury says:

    Anyone have any information on O’Gara’s who settled in Chicago? My great grandmother was Rose O’Gara born in Chicago, and her parents were Edward Andrew O’Gara from Roscommon and Cathrine O’Gara from Dublin. Any information would be appreciated!

  62. Michael Lavin says:

    I recently come into possession of a portrait of a thatched roof cottage that is signed by Michael OGara. It is actually made of tiny colored stones or bead type material. It was left over from a long ago closed pub in Strokestown Co Roscommon. Does anyone know anything about it?

  63. Casey O'Gara says:

    My name is Walter Casey O’Gara son of Patrick Eugene O’Gara from Tampa Florida. Anyone know of my families history please share it with me. I have 3 sibling’s Timothy Sean, Patrick Michael and Cathleen Marie. My father’s Dad was in Tampa also. (I have read the threads and wanted to tie where my family came from). Peace to you all

  64. Hailey Warhol says:

    My name is Hailey and my 2nd great grandmother is Annie O’Gara born 1854 (headstone). Through her marriage to Richard R. Marion on Nov 14, 1877 in St. Clair, Illinois (important to note they moved to Astoria, Oregon fairly soon after their marriage) and the subsequent records I have (including our family bible which Richard gave Annie on their 1st Wedding anniversary) I know her parents are named Farrall O’Gara and Mary Rue. The 1880 census reveals Annie’s sister Mary O’grin born abt 1858 in Massachusetts to be residing with them. Needless to say their parents birth locations are Ireland. The census also says Annie’s birth location is Massachusetts however her children always record her birth location as Ireland in their future censuses.
    I have a letter written to Annie’s daughter Margarita “Rita” Marion. The letter says Laragon B (admittedly this may be a 13) Derreen July 31, 1899. Transcribed by Kate Gara (says she is cousin to Rita) for her uncle John Maron (to note she spells Rita’s maiden name as Maron.) John tells of an Uncle Domnick. Rita sent them her picture and John says he and Uncle Martin and family were happy to see it. He encourages her to fulfill her promise of one day visiting home in Ireland and asks if she will tell her Anty Mary to write to Uncle Martin.
    Hopefully a connection can be made!

  65. Hailey Warhol says:

    Hello, I am trying desperately to find any information on my O’Gara lineage.
    My 2nd Great Grandmother was Annie O’Gara. I believe she was born in Ireland however census records also give her birth location as Massachusetts around 1854. From her marriage record to husband Richard R. Marion I know her parents names are Farrall O’Gara and Mary Rue. They were married in St. Clair, Illinois but I have no other records with this location for either of them. Through a census record I know she has a sister named Mary who was born around 1858 in either Ireland or Massachusetts.
    I have a letter sent to my great grandmother around 1900 from a cousin who goes by Kate Gara.

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